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Vladimir Prus

Vladimir Prus

Head of Data Engineering - Joom


Analytics Platform at Joom, Sourcery CodeBench IDE, GDB/GCC/LLVM, Boost C++ Libraries.

I lead the analytics platform at Joom and previously was a backend engineer for Joom's initial launch. Designed UI/UX of Sourcery CodeBench, an Eclipse-based IDE for embedded systems, and managed the UI team. Contributed major improvements to GNU Debugger (GDB), and was involved with GCC, LLVM, and QEMU. Worked on Boost C++ libraries, including creating Boost.Build tool and the Boost.ProgramOptions library.

The technologies I worked with include Spark, Flink, Scala, Go, Java, and C++. On the UI front, I worked with Qt and React.


  • Researcher (Moscow State University, Computer Systems Lab)
  • Sourcerer (CodeSourcery)
  • Engineering Manager (Mentor Graphics)
  • Head of Data Engineering (Joom)
  • Contributor (Boost C++ Libraries)


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