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Vladislav Troshin

Vladislav Troshin

Fine Systems Technologies

Moscow, Moscow

My company is focused on launching technologies in machine tool engineering, instrumentation, analytical and scientific equipment, and the chemical industry. The main focus is on hardware.
We work with companies developing technologies from Russia.

It is possible to work both with developer companies and search for developments (or development from scratch) for the task.

Main directions:

• manufacturing equipment;
• scientific and analytical equipment;
• pilot plants;
• electronics and optics.

Areas of work:

• equipment for additive technologies;
• equipment for biotechnology and medical applications;
• equipment for scientific and analytical research;
• compact equipment and pilot plants for chemical technology, the food industry, biotechnology, and so on.

Current features:

• the main group includes more than 50 specialists in different fields;
• technological chains for development and production;
• over 14 years of experience in various areas (core group).


• development of ideas, concepts, and so on;
• research and development;
• development of prototypes and pre-production devices;
• production of small series of products;
• market launch of products

Key partners:

Additive Solutions:
Development of 3D printing technologies by metals, ceramics, and other materials. Development of machine tools.

Troitsk Research and Development Center:
Development of electronics, microfluidic chips, spectral analysis methods, light sources.

Direct Dairy Holding B.V.
Plug-and-play solutions for mixed and individual milk. On-farm technologies.



  • Owner (Fine Systems Technologies)


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