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Yael Lavie

Yael Lavie

Moshal Program and Bar-Lev High-Tech Park Chair | Director at MAOZ מעוז | Developing the minds of tomorrow | Social Impact Expert | Social Mobility Enabler


My name is Yael Lavie, for years I worked in senior global positions in the business sector, as a director, CEO and more, but what I currently do impacts and improves reality.

To explain it, let me tell you the story of a bright young engineer, working for a startup in the new state-of-the-art high-tech park being built in the Galilee, Northern Israel. She never finished school and could not even dream of university, as she was never exposed to higher education or to high-tech in her deprived neighborhood as a child. She is now one of 1,800 success stories of the Moshal Program and one of 5,000 engineers that will be working in the Bar-Lev High-Tech Park in the Galilee.

As Chair of Bar-Lev High-Tech Park and The Moshal Program I have the privilege to leverage my entire business experience to make social impact, focusing on intergenerational social mobility and allowing potential to prosper. I am working with the brightest and most ambitious young people who exist!

This makes me smile, dream big and come up with new ideas to make a difference every day. I love what I do.


  • Chair (Moshal Scholarship Program)
  • Director (MAOZ מעוז)
  • Chair (Bar Lev High Tech Park)
  • Business Consultant (3H Consultants)
  • Founder & CEO (Creatrix )


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