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Yael Paran

Yael Paran

CTO at IDEA BioMedical


My major field of interest and expertise is imaging-based high-throughput screening of biological systems. In the last few years, I conducted various multidisciplinary projects in this field. These projects involved a deep understanding of imaging systems and a wide background of biological systems, as well as extensive use of image analysis and data processing tools. Furthermore, these projects involved utilization of a large variety of automated machines and biological assays.
As a biological application manager at IDEA BioMedical I am combining my extensive background in high-content screening with the commercialization processes of new HCA systems and software. I am involved in developing new applications and in collaborating with many scientific groups as customers or as collaborators in FP7 consortiums.


  • visiting scientist (NIH)
  • Staff Scientist (Weizmann Institute of Science)
  • Biological Application Manager (IDEA Bio-Medical)


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