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Yanir Gold

Yanir Gold

Vice President of Business Development (and loving it!) @ TiSpace - Developers Allstars 30K - Turning Developers into Allstars | We Have Candidates |


Self Improvement, Inginuity and Empathy are what drive me.

As VP of business development in TiSpace I do my best to know our customers personally. I have written an enterence process that helps the right customers to become customers.

We help our customers by developing new products to the benefit of our customers. This is accomplished by having our customers become an integral part of our RnD practices.

We've tested our sales processes for over a year to produce repeatable and predictable results for upscaling of our sales division.

We've introduced 2 new pathways to upscaling our operations both of which will result in a multiplication of the potential revenue while also synergizing later on to multiply the upscaling potential of TiSpace.

We've developed new marketing platforms for TiSpace. Doubled the organic growth in some while X10 in others.

We've established interdependant and cross organization practices through our different divisions.

We've established and grown our partners programs for our customers joy.

We've generated almost 5 million NIS in new contracts for our customers.

We have started introducing new products for returning customers who want more of what we are offering. Improving their lives and success in their careers and in life.

We hope to reach 20 Million NIS in new contracts for our customers by the end of 2023.


  • Ceo and Founder (Fezodiak)
  • Marketing and Sales Assistant for Haim Greenberg, VP of Marketing (HARBO Technologies Ltd)
  • Vice President Of Business Development (TiSpace)
  • Sales Manager (WEBZ digital)
  • BackOffice Manager (HARBO Technologies Ltd)
  • CEO (Fezodiak Consulting Agency)


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