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Yauheni Baltouski

Yauheni Baltouski

DevOps Team Lead at Mobalytics


Experienced software developer and DevOps engineer

- DevOps architecture and implementation, migration from monolith to microservices, building CI/CD workflows, environment unification, Infrastructure-as-a-Code approach, logging, monitoring, scaling, management stacks for clusters, orchestration by Kubernetes or Docker Swarm in clouds, on-premises or hybrid environments.
- Industry software engineering (standalone/client-server parts of hardware/software complex for industry equipment), server side applications

- Microservice architecture and DevOps, CI/CD processes
- Containerization (Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Docker registry)
- Cloud (AWS, DigitalOcean, GCP, Azure)
- Cluster automation in setup/deploy tasks, Infrastructure-as-a-Code (Ansible, Terraform), monitoring/logging (ELK, Zabbix, NewRelic, Prometheus, Grafana)
- C/Go/Python primary
- SQL/BASH/C++ have an experience
- Linux programming platform, server-side development
- Networking experience (TCP/IP, HTTP, LB, HA)
- DB software (MySQL, DB2, Access, JavaDB, Cassandra, Elasticsearch)
- Smart-Card programming (ISO 24727/7816) experience
- Crossplafrom development (wxWidgets, Qt) experience
- Industry software developing (Digital/Analog signal processing, ICP-DAS)
- Video Transcoding programming (GStreamer/Xuggler/FFMPEG/x264)
- ZeroMQ concurrent framework
- experienced in debugging/throubleshooting (GDB, Valgrind, JavaDebug), network data analysis (tcpdump, wireshark)


  • SeniorDevOps Engineer (Mobalytics)
  • DevOps Team Lead (Mobalytics)
  • software programmer/developer (IBA Group)
  • Senior Software Engineer (DevOps) (colada ag)
  • Senior DevOps engineer (Appko, at Google)
  • Principal Software Engineer (XIM)


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