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Yoav Segal יואב סגל

Yoav Segal יואב סגל

Owner and Sales Manager at Cafe Segal

Netanya, Central

Café Segal is a family business run by my wife Naama and I. We have been delivering office coffee services with a special touch for over a decade, thus sharing our passion for coffee with our customers.

We proudly roast our own blends and deliver them directly to your offices. Café Segal also helps customers choose the right self service coffee machine for their office. Furthermore, we make sure that our customers do not run out of coffee by providing a personalized customer service.

We believe that employees enjoy their days at the office so much more, when they can drink great coffee.
Invite me for a cup – I will show you what great coffee is all about.

Yoav Segal - Cafe Segal


  • Co-founder and General Manager (Coffeeshop Online)
  • Founder (CoffeeShop Online)
  • Owner and Sales Manager (Cafe Segal)
  • CEO and Founder (Webit - Growing Web Dreams)
  • Founder and General Manager (Hoody - Meet your neighbourhood)


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