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Yoko Lu

Yoko Lu

UNEP Stockholm+50 Youth Task Force Member


Yoko is a recent Master's Degree graduate in Environmental Science who has over 10 years of experience in environmental policy, environmental science, and education. Her other skills include administrative, creative, event organization, and leadership roles.

She has been involved with youth across the world, bridging the Global North and South, and taking consideration of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her most notable role is being on the Stockholm+50 Youth Task Force with the UN Major Group of Children and Youth, where she has being working on creation of Handbook and Policy Paper and preparing Youth Consultations towards the UNEA 5.2, UNEP@50, and Stockholm+50. Other UN conferences/projects she has been involved are: UNESCO Ocean Literacy, FAO Soil Organic Carbon, UNCBD, UN Forum on Forests, UNFCCC Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture, and many others.

Yoko is a curious individual who enjoys making music and learning creative skills during her free time. She has gained various knowledge through extensive global travel and enjoys new challenges. She aspires to be an achiever who combines her interests and hobbies into one and shows the world that it is possible to make one's joyful moments to have a meaningful impact on the society.


  • Steering Committee Member (CoalitionWILD)
  • 2022 Max Thabiso Edkins Climate Ambassador (GYCN - Global Youth Climate Network)
  • Fundraising Coordinator (Open Dialogues on Climate Change)
  • Stockholm+50 Youth Task Force Member (Major Group for Children and Youth)
  • Youth Policy Advisory Council Member (Sustainable Ocean Alliance)


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