I'm also great with kids and dogs." /> I'm also great with kids and dogs." />


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Yossi Fefer

Yossi Fefer

Frontend Guild Master at Dynamic Yield


I'm a veteran professional technologist with decades of hands-on experience in software & full stack web development, product design & development, UI, UX & prototyping. I'm self-taught and fast learner with extremely extensive knowledge and understanding of technology, products, users, commercial and business concepts, and what brings them all together.
Over the years I've participated & led numerous large-scale projects in a wide range of dynamic, agile, high-volume, system-critical and enterprise environments, and managed teams in the conception, development and evolution of amazing, wonderful, innovative & cutting-edge products.
I'm creative, I think fast, I solve problems, I can be super meticulous to details as much as be the "big picture" guy, and I know how to deliver on time. I'm never shy of learning or trying new things.
I'm also great with kids and dogs.


  • Frontend Guild Master (Dynamic Yield)
  • Head Of Product Development (STANDS4)
  • Senior Web Developer (Dynamic Yield)
  • Team Lead (Dynamic Yield)
  • Consultant & Development Contractor (IGN Entertainment)
  • Co-Owner (Art Indust)
  • Co-Founder; CTO & Head of Development (TravelJournal)


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