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Youssef DIMADE

Youssef DIMADE

Managing Service Manager Cloud Infrastructure

Greater Paris Metropolitan Region

As an Senior Engagement Manager, I am always responsible and accountable for my projects in different domains. With a flexible communication strategy and a focus on teamwork, I always manage to keep a great customer satisfaction while accurately maintaining all business processes and specific project objectives. Managing proactively stakeholders commitments, I know how to listen to customers’ potential pain points and detect new opportunities to drive long term business.

My skills and certificates:
@DevOps @Agile (Scrum Master & Product Owner) @Cloud @Digital Transformation @ISO/IEC 27005 Risk Manager @Team Management @Sales & Client Management @Service Delivery & Program Management @Infrastructure Managed Services @Continuous improvement @Swot analysis


  • Managing Service Manager (Capgemini)
  • IT Manager - Responsable des Projets Transverses / Responsable Sphère Intégration Applicative & DBA (Econocom)
  • Directeur de Programme. (Capgemini)
  • Responsable Test et Performance (Econocom)
  • Chef de Projet (Rothschild Foundation)
  • Chef de Projet intégration applicatifs (Econocom)
  • Ingénieur de Production (Société Générale)
  • Chef de Projet Production (IRSN)


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