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Yuval Tal

Yuval Tal

Financial Services Consultant

Qaesarea, Haifa

After more than a decade of success and achievements in leading technology companies in the financial services field, I decided to start sharing the knowledge, insights, and vast experience I have gained over the last 20 years in financial services specializing in money remittances.

How to grow your business in the field of financial services in a competitive and changing world?

My services include:
Market analysis and the future of worldwide money transfers.
Finding solutions.
The Implementation of economic models, re-pricing products, and cost reduction, etc.
Re-growth, help with collaborations, creative thinking strategy.

Send me a message here on LinkedIn, and Let's start motivating for a better future.


  • Chief Executive Officer (WorldCom Finance)
  • Chief Executive Officer (A.T.Services)
  • Financial Services Consultant (Freelance)
  • Chief Executive Officer (WALLYPAY)
  • Co-Founder (Yoocollab)


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