Personal email finders comparison
Personal email finders comparison
In an independent study ran by Jan Tegze, 1000 Linkedin profiles were selected. Random generator picked five profiles per job that was targeted. Each one was checked to be sure there were no public contact details available online.

Total count of profiles: 55.
Selected Positions: Sales Manager, Accountant, Project Manager, Graphic Designer, Project Engineer, HR Manager, Program Manager, Sales Manager, Senior Developer.
Over 20 Extensions were tested, but only one 14 could find at least 2 personal emails.

Top 7 ones were picked to participate in the comparison presented below.
Data source
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We have compared monthly pricing for approximately equal amount of contact openings (100-200). Unfortunately, prices for other popular contact search engines (such as SeekOut, ContactOut and others) were not publicly available and therefore were not involved in the comparison.
  • Improver: $40 for 150 contacts (source)
  • Jobjet: $59 for 150 contacts (source)
  • RocketReach: $59 for 150 contacts (source)
  • Lusha: $75 for 120 contacts (source)
  • Swordfish: $99 for 150 contacts (source)
  • SignalHire: $99 for 200 contacts (source)
Hiretual was excluded from comparison. The service has blocked the ability to use the tool separately from the subscription on other features.
To calculate the price per contact, we divided the subscription price by the number of contact openings included in it. Improver is almost twice cheaper than other available options.
Subscription price
based on a pricing for 100-200 credits
Credits included
for one user in one month
Price per contact
based on the amount of credits, supscription price
Personal emails found
out of 55 selected random Linkedin profiles
As shown in the chart below, the value could be calculated on the basis of the cost of opening one contact, and the number of personal email addresses found from this quantity.
Final results

Out of the best pricing and best searching result, it is easy to compare tools and figure out which one of the following instruments is the most valuable one, using the chart >>

Improver shows the best results of all similar tools.
Using the right tool is one of the key points in a recruiter's or sales' work. The faster you find the contacts you need, the faster you close a vacancy or sell your product. Choosing an email finder, we expect that it will be no need to use something else to get someone's contact. Why should we pay for something that doesn't work, or doesn't work well enough?

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Chrome Store Rating
1. based on a pricing for 100-200 credits
2. for one user in one month
3. based on the amount of credits, subscription price
4. out of 55 selected random Linkedin profiles
Credits included
Price per
emails found

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