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Šimun M.

Šimun M.

Software Architect at ReversingLabs


Software design and development of the most complex products (some from scratch), taking various roles: from hands-on engagement to complete technical design and defining product development process.

I like to bring order where chaos is found, whether it takes solving a problem in code, high-level design, organizing a team or defining a process where it is missing.
Eager to build solutions for most demanding business problems using state of the art technology to create the best features of the killer product.

Always trying to be up to date with latest technological innovations and best practices in order to evaluate their applicability.

Extensive knowledge and experience in various IT fields:

• Amazon AWS
AWS SDK, CloudFormation, Terraform, RDS, Aurora, DynamoDB, Lambda, IAM, S3, AppSync, Amplify, Pinpoint, Cognito, etc.

• Software design
serverless, micro-services, multi-threading, coroutines, event-driven design, continuous availability, horizontal scaling, GraphQL, REST, WebSocket, message bus using Apache Kafka, etc.

• iOS software development
React Native, SwiftUI, Swift, Objective-C, C++, Go, Grand Central Dispatch, Parse, Firebase, CloudKit, SiriKit, etc.

• Android software development
React Native, Java, C++, Go, Kotlin, JNI, NDK, etc.

• Backend software development
Go, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, etc.

• Databases
Aurora, DynamoDB, FoundationDB, MongoDB, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL

• Software development life cycle
Team lead, tech lead, pair programming, code review, trunk based development, TDD, BDD, writing product specifications, Kanban, Lean, DevOps, etc.

• VoIP
RTP, RTSP, MRCP, SIP, WebRTC, SCCP, Dialogic, FreeSWITCH, Cisco CallManager, Cisco CTI OS, etc.


  • Chief Software Architect (Inceptum)
  • Development Engineer (Logos)
  • Software Architect (ReversingLabs)
  • Software Architect (Logos)
  • Software Architect, Solutions Architect (Inceptum d.o.o.)
  • Software Architect (Asseco South Eastern Europe)


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