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Aleksandr Ulanov

Aleksandr Ulanov

Software Engineer

United Kingdom

Hey there! My name is Aleks and I'm working as a software developer for the past ~10 years. During this time I've been working on multiple projects and in different teams from around the world. Had some challenging tasks like building recommender systems, automated vehicle location integrations, worked on geofencing, complex delivery scheduling systems, etc.

This wouldn't be possible w/out constantly learning new technologies, so if there is something I need to know - I'm always happy to learn it.

My core competencies are: Ruby on Rails and Postgresql for building apps backend, JS and React for building frontend. I also have experience in related technologies and services like AWS, MongoDB, Redis, REST API, Geocoding, Google APIs, Mapbox, Twilio, JSON, Stripe, Material UI, Rspec, Sinatra, etc.. Currently I'm interested in learning Python along with Django to use it on my personal project.

I want my code to be reliable, so always trying to cover it with auto tests as much as possible. I'm happy to be a team member and help others out when it's needed.


  • Ruby developer (general satellite (1твч))
  • Ruby backend developer (АНО "ЕиЦСООИДП")
  • Senior Ruby on Rails developer (Masterbee Inc)
  • Senior Software Engineer (Learning Tapestry, Inc.)
  • Senior Ruby Developer (Teknavo)


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