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Alicia Sandino

Alicia Sandino

SEO strategist at ThriveDX (formerly HackerU) | Writer at heart | Life-long learner ↗️

Miami, Florida

A growth mindset has taken me from a published writer to a digital marketer in just a few years.

I graduated from University not knowing that I was about to begin a love affair with Marketing and gain a new appreciation for the written word.

There was this entire world of Digital Marketing that I had no business being a part of but there I was, in my first job 2 months after graduating. The role mainly consisted of writing articles, learning SEO, putting money behind social posts, managing content, and learning the basics of email marketing.

I was hooked.

A few title changes and 6 months of freelancing later, I still love writing but now I understand its power to enhance product perception and drive consumer behavior.

What I've learned is that there are always new challenges to soak in that keep me growing forward in the digital marketing space. There is so much to stay curious about and always room to improve.

Check out my personal writing project:
See my professional portfolio:

Currently working remote full-time for an amazing education technology provider that helps transform career changers and reskillers into market-ready professionals in less than a year. The marketing team is second to none (but maybe I'm a little biased) and the company continues to blow me away with their mission, vision, and values. 🤝


  • Senior Content Writer (ThriveDX (formerly HackerU))
  • Content Marketing (FastPBX)
  • Copywriting/SEO/SMM Services (Evergreen Content Marketing)
  • Freelance (Writing Services)
  • SEO strategist (ThriveDX (formerly HackerU))
  • CX Strategist for Digital Brands (Volta Global)


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