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Alison B. Lowndes

Alison B. Lowndes

Artificial Intelligence DevRel | EMEA at NVIDIA

Richmond, England

Not your average computer scientist, however, LinkedIn is rife with irrelevant sales messages.
IF receive irrelevant sales message REMOVE connection
ELSE run etiquette

Dedicated to providing solutions with artificial intelligence, to some of humanity's biggest problems. Working directly with entities such as NASA, SETI, ESA and the United Nations, thanks to NVIDIA. As AI DevRel I look over the global research field, staying up to date with progress from Luminaries to high school students and talking to folks about how we enable AI.

Adaptable and very capable entrepreneur or intrapreneur. Relational, big picture, creative, adventurous, objective and imaginative. Specialist global networker utilizing social media and online communication to effect change. Since 2006, managing a virtual organisation dedicated to the transfer of skills and knowledge around the planet for sustainable development. Experience it for yourself under the gaze of Kilimanjaro at Thats in my spare time. Over 25 years experience in international relations, business & altruism.

Superpower: connecting the dots, being holistic with a universal view of a problem. If I can't solve it I know someone who can.

I founded AVIF (ABLe Volunteers International Fund) in 2006 after establishing a 65-teacher international summer school in NE China (2002/3). On returning to the UK I spent some time working in internet security, studying astrophysics then setting up summer schools in Kenya. AVIF naturally evolved into a volunteering charity as people are always more willing to offer time to a non-profit. We are entirely virtual. We don't charge fees, because we have no costs. None.


  • Founder Trustee (www.AVIF.Org.UK)
  • Technical Trainer (Code Club Pro)
  • Social Media Strategist (AVIF)
  • Founding team member of the Frontier Development Lab (NASA Frontier Development Lab)
  • Artificial Intelligence DevRel | EMEA (NVIDIA)


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