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Anna Bylina

Anna Bylina

Marketing Strategist & Mentor


Hi, thank you for visiting!

I'm a multi-disciplinary, freelance creative marketing expert. At present I expertise in social media management and content creation.
My vision is to assist as many businesses to evolve in the age of new media by applying creative marketing strategies.

Also, I'm a natural networker, that easily gets along with people in a team.
I'm a self-taught and learning geek, techwiz, experienced with large amount of tools, platforms and technologies.

My hobbies: reading, popular science, marketing trends, bots and unique people.


  • Marketing Strategy and Social Media Expert (Bylina)
  • Art Teacher (Yanshufim)
  • Technology Manager (Reut Group)
  • Algorithmics Teacher & Content Developer (Algoritmika)
  • Project Coordinator (Education Cities)


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