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Ariel Katz

Ariel Katz

Passionate about analogs building transformative digital services | Startups Advisor | Ex-General Manager @Microsoft - Power BI, Dynamics 365.


After more than 22 years of a highly rewarding, multi-disciplinary career journey in Microsoft, I have decided to turn the page to the next chapter of my professional life.
Microsoft always provided an incredibly unique work environment that is characterized by top-notch talent quality and a culture of change and growth mindset.
Growing in that dynamic environment shaped who I became as a leader and paved my way to lead over the years breakthrough new products and services, delivered at a planet scale that only a company like Microsoft can enable. Whether it was Windows Defender (as a first free and complete Antivirus) that runs on billions of devices, Power BI that is one of the fastest growing SaaS in the history of Microsoft and a leading industry BI platform, or Dynamics 365 for Sales that transformed legacy sales processes through the power of data and AI.

As an ex-General Manager at Microsoft (during the last 7 years of my service there), I am looking for consultation opportunities (from Israel) to share my longtime experience with executives of growth-driven enterprise software companies, looking to:
- Digitally-transform their domains (whether it is business apps, analytical platforms, etc.) through their products and services.
- Foster a culture of growth mindset, data-driven learning, and iterative and customer-driven rapid execution cycles.
- Build effective global R&D sites presence to effectively compete on the scarcest resource on this planet - great engineering talent.


  • General Manager - Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Voice (Microsoft)
  • General Manager - Dynamics 365, Customer Engagement Incubations (Microsoft)
  • VP R&D and General Manager (Astea International)
  • Advisor and Board Member for startups (Self-employed)
  • Group Manager, ISA Server (Microsoft)
  • Development Team Leader (Intel)
  • CTO of Microsoft Israel Development Center (Microsoft)
  • General Manager - Microsoft Power BI (Microsoft)


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