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Avishay Ashkenazi

Avishay Ashkenazi

Head of DevOps at RapidAPI ***We are hiring***


The short version:
* Laser focus task driven manager, Cloud Platform builder and Cloud Native transformation expert.
* Building great teams

* Production Engineering -
Design & Deploy production grade cloud based and on-premise Kubernetes clusters
Manage production grade AWS (ECS/EKS) and GCP (GCE/GKE)
* Big Data and Machine Learning -
Implementation of Apache Storm, Zookeeper, AWS Kinesis/Kafka
* Delivery Pipeline -
CI/CD with ArgoCD and Jenkins
* Configuration tools -
Deployment with Ansible, Terraform and Packer


  • Head of DevOps (RapidAPI)
  • DevOps Manager (Roojoom)
  • Senior DevOps & Configuration Engineer (F5 Networks)
  • DevOps Lead (Agent Video Intelligence)
  • DevOps & Configuration Engineering Lead (Nipendo)


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