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Ben Gedi

Ben Gedi

Front End Developer at Payoneer

Kefar Sava, Central

Creative and highly-motivated with a wide view on the many and diverse aspects of the Web Development process. Quick and effective student of new technologies. In-depth knowledge with HTML standards, CSS Spec. and quirks, JavaScript programming and oddities and Best Practices. Very good skills for analyzing and solving problems. A positive thinker and a valuable team member with a professional and personal impact.

A Front-End and UX geek and stay up-to-date with all that's new in our field, be it a new framework or design trend, but also cherish the history and the people behind it.

See myself as a Web evangelist and perfectionist, however with a down-to-earth practical approach.

Constantly learning and challenging myself both as a person and as a professional, willing to move people, the Web, and myself forward.


  • Front End Developer (HedgeWiz)
  • Front End Developer (EZBob Ltd)
  • Front End Trainer (Netcraft Academy)
  • Senior Frontend Developer (Payoneer)
  • Front End Web Application Developer (Verint-Systems)


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