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Chris Van Anden

Chris Van Anden

Marketing Manager @ BLANCO and an overall nice guy

Linden, New Jersey

On my pursuit to become independently wealthy, through hope and luck, I realized this is unlikely to magically happen, and need to pursue a career. I first tried my luck at lottery winning, that was a no go. I then tried to look furiously for my old bitcoins, but either I've misplaced them, or never had any to begin with. So, that didn't work out either. The harsh realities kicked in and I went to college. I started out by doing general studies, and did several sociology courses. I fell in love with the concept of people and behavior.

Oh, but I'm in marketing, you say! 'tis true. On my pursuit through college, I also wanted to be able to express ideas and creativity (I love photography and dabble in it in my free time). I then discovered advertising, as a program at my college. That was it! I quickly learned about the roles of account management (the human interaction) and the creatives. It was a place that would allow me to work with people, and express creativity as well. Hallelujah!

Let's fast forward to now, as I'd like to save you from my life story, and have something to discuss next time we meet. I have found that marketing is one part creativity, and one part customer service. I understand the importance of numbers, and running reports and doing trials or taking a risk. All of these can influence a sale, an impression, or customer loyalty. I'm also a proponent of customer service being top notch. If you keep the people that matter (your brand stakeholders) happy, they'll keep coming back to you. That is key! Without those people, we'd never be able to express our creativity.

My Abilities: Marketing, Advertising, Adobe, Digital, Co-Op, Loyalty, Hospitality, Print, Office Suite, Account Management, Project Management


  • Leader - Business Development (LIXIL Water Technology Americas)
  • Manager – Business Development & Partnership Marketing (LIXIL Water Technology Americas)
  • Independent Business Consultant (Independent Business Consultant)
  • Loyalty and Program Marketing Manager (LIXIL Water Technology Americas)
  • Marketing Manager - US (Blanco America)
  • Marketing Consultant (Verizon Wireless)
  • Manager of National Retail Partnerships (GetHearted)


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