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Daniel Alonso Moreno

Daniel Alonso Moreno

VP Q-commerce at Glovo. He / Him

Barcelona, Catalonia

General Manager with a strong balance between executing fast and thinking strategically.

After 36 years of learning, these are the management beliefs that drive who I am and how I work:
- You need passion to be at your best. When passionate about something I am at peak performance, otherwise I am a mediocre. Retail is my passion
- Execution is everything. Making things happen is so hard while writing an idea in a powerpoint is so easy.
- Managerial artifacts are essential to execute efficiently. Decisions around time management, tools to communicate, rules of engagement,... are key.
- Talent is everything. I believe in IQ (logical and numerical reasoning), self-awareness and ability to communicate (oral and written) as 3 essential areas. Talent reduces the relevance of many decisions. You put the best talent in the most idiotic org structure and they will figure it out how to make things happen, and also that the org structure is idiotic.

Looking forward to the next 25 years at Glovo to reach new beliefs and maybe unlearn some...


  • Supply Chain Project Manager (Inditex - ZARA)
  • Summer Associate (McKinsey & Company)
  • Director, Special Ops (Walmart eCommerce)
  • VP Q-commerce (Glovo)
  • Sr. Director, Product Management (Walmart eCommerce)
  • GM Groceries (Glovo)
  • Senior Business Analyst (McKinsey & Company)
  • Senior Director, Supply Chain Product Management & Analytics (Walmart eCommerce)


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