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David Ben Ari

David Ben Ari

SR. SW engineer at Cisco

San Francisco Bay Area

Multidisciplinary person with passion for both people and technology.
Curious and Passionate about problem solving, customer interaction and overall product success.
Experienced Developer in the fields of Big-Data Mining and Analytics @Cisco.
Experimenting of Machine learning and information retrieval techniques @Cisco..
Product Owner in for Application to Data-Plane support, Product Licensing and Network Assurance Analytics.


Current: ‘Cisco Cross-works OPTIMA’ : Network Optimization controller, Design Team (mostly c++ coding, some java, python over K8S).

Past products/projects (2014-2019)
‘Cisco Evolved Programmable Network Management’ / Network assurance App.
SPNAC: ‘Service Provider Network Automation Controller’/ Service Impact Analysis App.

Design and development of Data mining and real time Analytics pipelines for Service Provider market (using both relational and no-sql databases) dealing with large datasets.
Using: Java, Oracle , Kafka, TICK stack TSDB in micro-service arch ( docker, kubernetis).
PO: For Device Licensing and features certification inc. close interlock with HWBU and PLMs.

Past products: (2006-2013)
‘Cisco Active Network Abstraction’,
‘Cisco Prime Network’.
Application Framework / infrastructure developer for a large scaled application (java)
Multi-threaded programming , RMI , XML.
SW/HW performance analysis w/ optimization.
OO (Object Oriented) Software design and implementation.
Algorithms design and implementation: Distributed, Graph, Optimization.
AST (Code generation) & SMC (Self Modifying Code).
Coding under Linux / of Solaris dev-environment;
Networking protocols and technologies: Telnet, SNMP, ICMP

Documentation and functional spec writing.

Highly Collaborative / working with remote sites.
Technical mentoring/ advisory
Capable of making : Audience Segmentation

Innovative/Creative approach.
Continuous integration process management and coordination.
Agile programming.

Specialties: Program Languages:
JAVA ,C++,Scripting, Python, Scheme/LISP, Scala;
Additional background:
Machine learning , information retrieval, RF.


  • Command & Control Operations officer (KASHLAT) (Israeli Air Force)
  • Software engineer / developer (Cisco)


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