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Eleanor Goold

Eleanor Goold

On Your Side But Not On Your Payroll ★ Strategic Brand & Marketing Comms ★ Superpowered Copywriter ★ #UtterlyCompelling

Greater Guildford Area

You know the score.

You’ve been there before.

But this time it’s slightly different.

This particular project has been hanging over you like a dark cloud that just won’t lift, and it’s really starting to impede progress for both you and your team.

You’re a savvy leader, and you need to find a safe pair of hands to delegate some of your heavy workloads, but your team are already under enough pressure, and there’s absolutely no budget available for new hires.

You are on your Jack Jones, and the clock is ticking...⏲️

If only there were someone you could trust to provide a friendly and knowledgeable service. A trusted partner with discernment and expertise who could take up the slack.

Someone who was on your side but not on the payroll.

Someone who could work remotely and provide a highly confidential, fast-response and affordable service.

Someone who could help you with:

✔️Strategic brand and marketing communications
✔️Internal employee communications
✔️Brand storytelling and messaging
✔️Sales pages that convert
✔️Website copy, email newsletters and product launch copy
✔️Thought leadership articles
✔️Draft talks and keynote speeches

And much more.

Well, that someone is actually a service. And it definitely exists.

It’s a service Kreativ Copywriting provide with yours truly at the helm.

Don’t let your project slide due to budget limitations or time constraints.

Get the help you deserve.

💬Message me now for more info or schedule a 15-minute call to find out how I can help

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  • Pensions Communications and Technical Manager (Kingfisher plc)
  • Technical Specialist (The Pensions Advisory Service)
  • Compliance Manager (London & Colonial)
  • Creative Director (Kreativ Copywriting)
  • Pensions (ING Nederland)


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