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Filip Biernacki

Filip Biernacki

Senior Recruiter at Admind Branding & Communications

Krakow Metropolitan Area

I'm an IT Recruiter located in Krakow with 5+ years of experience in this tough market. Experienced in both stationary and remote work, with people from all around the globe, different timezones, different cultures, different approaches, different markets.

I can do a part of the recruitment process or take on the whole thing. Also building an office or a team from scratch is something I can help with as well as leading a team of Junior colleagues.

The basics:
- gathering requirements,
- advising on how to work with the requisition for the best effect,
- creating a job description for official and unofficial channels,
- posting the job description in different channels,
- sourcing for the candidates through different portals, groups, places,
- qualified candidate identification,
- candidate approach,
- job pitch,
- scheduling and conducting screening calls/interviews,
- reference check of the top candidates,
- extending an offer to the chosen ones,
- optionally: offer negotiations,
- taking care of the document flow to finish the process,
- all necessary meetings, calls, reports, and feedback along the way.

I've worked on many different positions and the market is pretty clear to me - I won't check the quality of the code but I'll make sure that both candidate and company time is worthwhile. They also say that I'm a great person to work with, but you'd have to check that for yourself.


  • Senior Recruiter (Admind Branding & Communications)
  • IT Recruiter (dotCommunity)
  • IT Recruiter (Luxoft)
  • IT Recruiter (First Engineers)
  • IT Recruiter (Sabre Corporation)


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