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Florian Bourguignon

Florian Bourguignon

BackPackEarth 🍀 Founder of the collective #WeAct4Earth: training & tools to make your professional activity sustainable #CSRAccessibleForAll

Paris, Île-de-France

How does your professional activity mix economic efficiency, social justice and ecological transition? Perhaps your core business doesn't address these topics at all? It's a good thing that mine doesn't either and yet... every company, every person is able to make their professional activity more economically, ecologically and socially sustainable.

Why apply the concepts of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in our daily lives? Because...
- 77.5% of French people want companies to commit to an environmentally friendly economy (Source: CGDD 2018, Ademe-Greenflex).
- 13% higher performance for companies engaged in impact initiatives (Source: France Stratégie, Corporate Social Responsibility and Competitiveness, January 2016).
- 85% of consumers are more inclined to buy from a company reputed for its good CSR practices (Source: Marque Durable).

The association We Act 4 Earth was born out of these observations and forms a collective of entrepreneurs from all sectors with a common desire: living decently from their activity while preserving the planet and its inhabitants.

🥾 The 3 missions of our collective:

- Bringing together good intentions: building an international collective of actors sharing the objective of working in harmony with people and the environment.
- Accompanying the transition: training and tools for our members in order to help them to become exemplary in terms of economic, ethical and responsible development.
- Creating value: fostering synergies and sharing of business, skills, experience and values among our members.

👊 Come and discover the energy that drives our collective of 2000 members on this Linkedin group:

🌍 Entrepreneur, vegan, cyclist, pianist and a lover of Earth and its people, I like to share, read and spend time with my family and friends. I also practice a sport that is little known in France but very democratized in Sweden (the country where I live): discgolf.

💫 WeAct4Earth is also a website gathering experts committed to ecological and societal transition:

Want to get to know each other?
🤝 Let's book an appointment here:
☎️ +33 6 45 01 67 51


  • Investisseur (Time for the Planet)
  • Founder (We Act 4 Earth)
  • CEO ⎮ I help impact companies to prospect and communicate on LinkedIn (Wyneo)
  • Sales Manager Team Leader (Rouaix Groupe)
  • Sales Manager Sector (Lidle France)


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