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Gabriella Vargas

Gabriella Vargas

I train and lead collaborative teams to uncover obstacles, deliver impactful results, and document solutions utilizing creative tools and digital content within media & tech.

New York City Metropolitan Area

What I Am Passionate About: Effectively communicating and teaching through story. Whether strategizing to develop content that compels a client's audience, managing content creation and production for online educational video, audio, or written documentation, or managing projects and operations, my passion revolves around the ability to learn, teach and share knowledge through effective storytelling.

What I Do Best: Working with people 1:1, leading teams, analyzing and problem-solving constraints, researching and developing solutions, investigating potential obstacles, learning online software, courses, and systems quickly, teaching and educating through training and/or online documentation, and maintaining client assets. I am highly detail-oriented, interdisciplinary, extremely organized, and an effective communicator.

What My Mission Is: To use my top skills to uncover obstacles hindering fluidity in performance, reach, impact, and growth while using my passion for storytelling to deliver answers that can be understood within audio, video, or written format, that will leave an audience with a sense of awareness, resolution, and urgency to take action.


  • Customer Success Manager (Faithbox)
  • Content Creation, Marketing and Customer Experience Strategist (Freelance)
  • Customer Operations Advisor (Squarespace)
  • Customer Success Manager (NetElixir)
  • Audible for Business Operations & Client Success (Audible, Inc.)


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