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Igor Matyuh

Igor Matyuh



10+ years of experience in Telco Industry, 20+ years of experience in IT Industry. Multitasking skills. Self-motivated, insightful, hard working. Team Player. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
- Strong knowledge of GSM/UMTS Core Network equipment and Mobile Telephony essentials (MAP, TCAP, ISUP, SCCP, MTP protocols). Excellent knowledge of Mobile Number Portability, Equipment Identity Register and Real-Time Billing solutions from most of vendors.
- Perfect knowledge of TCP/IP protocols suite, related applications and hardware components (routers, switches, firewalls, VPN and access servers) of major vendor. Excellent VoIP and computer telephony knowledge.
- Excellent Unix operating system knowledge (AIX, BSD, Linux, SCO, Solaris, Tru64) and related hardware platforms. Programming languages: Basic ,Pascal, C, C++, Assembler (IBM 360,Intel 8080 & 80x86, ARM,MIPS,AMD BlackFin), Forth, Prolog, Perl, Expect, Python, PHP, Tcl/Tk. Database management system: Dbase-clones, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle)


  • RTBS Expert (Comverse)
  • Subcontractor (Movicel Telecomunications)
  • CTO (UNOC)
  • Team Leader (JUMP Ukraine)
  • Team Leader ("Beeper" (East-European Telecommunication services))


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