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Ishay Bason

Ishay Bason

‏ ‏Section Manager of Core Systems Development and Internal Process Improvement at Clalit Health Services & Yael Software


Senior IT person, technologist, leading projects in computerization infrastructures and integration of large and complex systems. Experience and knowledge in management, methodologies, characterization, planning and writing workstation documentation, managing processes in cross-organizational environments. Conducting negotiations, analyzing and understanding customers’ needs.

Skills and Qualifications
• Broad global and business vision
• Involvement with strategic processes in organizations
• Proven ability to motivate employees and take decisions
• Leading teams to implement projects and large and complex (sophisticated) systems
• Experience and success in identifying and realizing business opportunities inside and outside the organization
• Rich and varied experience, solving problems and success in characterizing, planning and developing software systems
• High level product delivery, operational, budgetary and in accordance with the organization’s strategic goals
• Initiative, connection between people, missions and products, implementing efficient and successful customization and integration
• Ability to learn new technologies quickly and independently, a creative thinker
• Proven ability to research and write professionally (characterization and workstation documentation) on technical subjects at a high standard
• Proficient in TOC methodology, according to “the Theory of Constraints” (Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt)
• Excellent interpersonal relations

Specialties: Moss Architect and Principal Consultant.
SharePoint, Office 2010, Nintex Work Flow, Joomla system, Spotfire,
Proficient in TOC methodology, KCS methodology,according to “the Theory of Constraints” (Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt)


  • Project Manager & Head of Unified Desktop Develop Team (Yael Software)
  • Founder (Biz On Map)
  • חבר מועדון 7 (Sea-Gal Israel's yacht club)
  • מייסד (Biz On Map)
  • Unified Desktop (Clalit Health Services)
  • KMT at Yael Software (Clalit Health Services)


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