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Jeff Holyoak

Jeff Holyoak

Vice President, Sales & Market Development at TOMCO Systems

Atlanta Metropolitan Area

Interested in companies pioneering growth and expansion and leading their industries through innovative product differentiation. I focus efforts on business development, market expansion, and operational excellence, transitioning companies into growth markets and bringing fresh thinking and leadership.

I champion companies to embrace value innovation as a critical success factor to long term, sustainable growth.

I further serve as the bridge between engineering’s product vision and the marketplace translating the value proposition into a sellable market offering.

• Penetrate new growth markets to capture incremental revenue streams

• Expand product offerings to evolve beyond the core

• Build strategic alliances and secure exclusivities to gain speed to market and create competitive barriers to entry

• Develop brand differentiation to avoid commoditization

• Maximize bottom line growth

• Improve supply chain and operational efficiencies

My business philosophy:
I believe that all companies have growth capacity. You must continually seek out adjacent markets/products/channels and move market boundaries to survive. Complacency breeds commoditization which breeds margin erosion. Know your target customer, know your market, drive new initiatives to expand your core business.

Specialties: International Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, Revenue Generation - Product Expansion/New Market Development, Strategic Planning & Execution, Business Advisor, Operations and Supply Chain Efficiencies


  • Vice President, Sales & Market Development (TOMCO Systems)
  • Commercial Director - LNG/Cryogenics (Worthington Industries)
  • Strategy and Market Development (Floyd Medical Center)
  • Director Business Development & Marketing (Taylor-Wharton Cryogenics LLC)
  • COO, Principal (Everspark Interactive)
  • Director Business Development & Marketing (TOMCO2 Systems)


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