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Jerry Sng

Jerry Sng

Everyone has a plan for their future & What is your plan? Ask yourself some questions; What lifestyles do you desire for your future? How do you want to achieve that? Let's have a chat on your plan.


Life is so unpredictable, I never thought that I would become a financial consultant in my career path. It all started last year when my most beloved grandma fall sick, hospitalize and passed away. I had seen how suffering my grandma is in pain due to cancer cell spreading at the hospital. No one would expect her to get cancer at her age. It came so sudden and take her away from us. The hospital bills did cost us a lot of money, with help of the government subsidiary and social welfare group, we did managed to pay off the bills.
This made me realize how vulnerable we can be when bad thing happen. And at that point of time, how can I help and what can I do? Later after a few months, I got a call from Credence HR for job interview and I met my director, Rix Chan who influence me to join Credence to help people in financial planning as well as fulfill my own dreams.
Like many of you, I have zero knowledge of what is financial planning about when I was young. I was not educated on this. My parent did not get any plans for me at all. I always shut my door to many financial consultant because I don’t understand why should I get that. Until I met my ex-colleague friend who later on became my friend and he managed to persuade me to get some plans since I am riding a bike at that time. But seriously, I am not sure of what I have bought with him even after his explanation. That was 11 years ago.
And today after all the exams and lessons I been thru, I being to understand more what I have been paying all these years. To my surprise, the policy that I bought 11 years ago have accumulated a substantial amount of cash value. If not I would have spent the money unknowing. I am glad that I listen to him 11 years ago. Of course, now is the time I can restructure my portfolio and plan well ahead for myself as a financial consultant. Next I want to help would be my close relatives and friends follow by many of whom you love and care.


  • Financial Services Professional (Credence Singapore)
  • Service Quality Executive (Singapore Post Ltd)
  • Operations Manager (Touch In Time Pte Ltd)
  • Sales Executive (Singapore Post Ltd)
  • Senior Customer Service Executive (InfoWave Pte Ltd)


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