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jiannis bonatakis

jiannis bonatakis

Quality Assurance Engineer at SUSE

Czech Republic

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. And i constantly dream the better version of our future, with all the technology in our disposal and i am wondering about the one that we have not implemented yet. Is the computer science the ultimate future? Maybe the future is going to be our software and the tools that we built today. Maybe not. But computers still have a spectrum of unknown possibilities. I believe that sometimes the ideas we create are more powerful from our implementations. The power of people too.

That's why i embrace The Open Source philosophy. A social movement which i met in the beginning of my youth which allowed me to open my horizons and the way i should see the world as it becomes.

I value freedom in the sense of the respect whatever you do and the power of shared knowledge through out the communities around the globe.

Finding self-motivation is very important to me. Something that drives me to the continuous (self-)education, improvement, and exploration of new challenges.

i discover that to accomplish many goals it is required discipline and to be highly organised.

I do enjoy writing code and solving problems. I will practice coding on or i try to solve programming competition tasks on

i am interested in security and hacking. Ctf is another hobby of mine as well as picoctf challenges.

I consider coding and developing an act of art. So i try to understand the designs, the programming languages and how the hardware works. In general i try to get familiar in all aspects of development and new technologies.

My favorite tools is emacs and git.

The list below, aggregate my skill set

- Experienced in analysis, planning, coding, testing and test automation
- Coding in Python, perl, bash and more.
- Knowledge on Cloud, Containers, Virtualization

Outside of my geek world i watch a lot of movies, TV series (favorite: Money Heist) and documentaries. Love to search and find new good music and play football among other sports.

Sometimes i write philosophical or technical posts for my blog and i must admit that i am addicted to podcasts.

Finally i love to learn history and talk about astronomy.

Hope everyone find that piece in life that matters for himself/herself and lets learn from each other.


  • Quality Assurance Engineer (SUSE)
  • Fedora Ambassador (Fedora Project)
  • QA Engineer (4finance IT)
  • Mozillian (Mozilla Corporation)
  • QE Software engineer (Hewlett-Packard Galway)


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