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Joanna Wallis

Joanna Wallis

Skills Trainer at Jigsaw Australia

Greater Sydney Area

I currently work for an innovative company set up to enable adults with disabilities to develop and implement workplace skills. I work both directly on the floor and online facilitating clients in their training journey as well as writing the training documentation to be implemented through the company's training scheme. From March 2020, due to COVID, I was able to design and implement all workplace values sessions to be used across the company via remote online access, allowing for smooth transition from hub-based learning to online learning within one week.

I have experience managing complex projects and people through 10 years of teaching. I am well organised with effective record-keeping.

Through specialist teaching I have developed a deep understanding of human behaviour. This allows me insights into thought processes and individual motivations.

I am able to set and meet deadlines and show effective use of time and resources. I have run my own business, raised a child and learnt new technical skills.

I am creative, innovative and excellent at seeing ‘outside the box’. While capable as an individual contributor I have a desire to move back into a team based workplace, with flexibility around my son’s schooling.


  • Skills Trainer (Jigsaw Australia)
  • Freelance transcriber (
  • Learning Centre Manager (Tavistock College)
  • Inclusion Manager (Plymouth City Council)
  • Copywriter, Transcriber and Wordpress developer (Various (self employed))


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