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John Anderson

John Anderson

Senior Game Designer at Gearbox Software

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Helped create the $1 billion+ Borderlands franchise! I have had the pleasure of working on all of the Borderland games and a bunch of DLC as well. Gearbox has sold over 60 million copies of its Borderlands franchise.

I am as passionate about creating games as I am playing them! The first video games I recall playing were Pong and Space Wars in the mid 70's. From Pong to VR, what a ride! I've been a professional game developer for over 25 years, since 1997.

In the mid 90’s, while in the thick of my Aerospace career (where I had helped design the Green Bank Telescope) I relocated from Silicon Valley CA to the FL space Coast. Mechanical engineering was technically challenging, but it lacked a creative outlet. I considered trying to become a Disney Imagineer, that seemed like it would be both technically and creatively challenging and bring joy to many people as well.

Also at this time, video games started getting more intriguing. Games like Doom, Quake and Duke 3D really sparked my interest, how were these games possible? I had to know. I taught myself how to model and texture a creature, which I then animated, added sound and finally AI scripting. This got me so excited that I wanted to create a world for my new creation which is where I discovered my love for Level Design! I made single player maps for fun and Death Match maps for my friends and I to fight in during lunch.

Game technology is forever evolving and I love it! We do things today that I could not have dreamt would be possible 25 years ago. Video games have been a part of my life since I was a kid, I’m so thankful I’ve be able to make it my career. There is no greater thrill for me than to watch others experience something I crafted. It boggles my mind that literally millions of people have experienced joy from something I had a part in making. This is one of my greatest joys in life, it makes the long hours and hard work I put into every project worth every second.

My goal is to make great games and to make others happy! :)

- Unreal Engine since version 1.0 in 1998, currently working with UE5
- Senior Level Designer - from concept, docs, creation, polish, optimization & shipping
- Senior Game Designer - mission & game play design
- Level Art work
- NPC scripting
- Combat scripting
- Cool action sequence scripting
- Weapon/Ammo/Item world placement
- Puzzle conception, design & implementation
- Lighting work, static & dynamic with performance in mind
- Landscape creation, material & foliage painting
- Optimization, it doesn't matter how cool it looks if it runs like crap


  • Engineering Designer (Lockheed Martin Western Development Laboratories)
  • Senior Level Designer (Apogee Software, Ltd. / 3D Realms Entertainment)
  • Senior Engineering Designer (Lockheed Martin Space & Range Systems)
  • Engineering Designer (United Technologies / Chemical Systems Division)
  • Senior Level/Mission Designer (Gearbox Software)


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