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Lakshmaiah GR

Lakshmaiah GR


Bengaluru, Karnataka

* The analysis and evaluation of requirements to provide proposals for technical solutions
and test approaches.
* Integration testing of software within the software and hardware platform
* The design and definition of test cases for both manual and automated testing
* Scripting of test cases, both in English and in code
* Accurate reporting of observations found and provision of data to engineering staff
* Analysis of defect data, production of metrics and trends
* Technical reviews and root cause analysis
* Investigation and resolution of issues
* Conformance and interoperability platform, KPI, robustness testing
* Definition, planning and implementation of testing at the work package level


  • Consultant (Sonata Software)
  • Team Lead (TVSICS)
  • Software Engineer - I (Paxterra Solutions Inc)
  • Lead Software Engineer (Terralogic Inc.)
  • Technical Lead (Altran)
  • Lead Engineer (Paxterra Solutions Inc)


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