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Leo DeCandia

Leo DeCandia

software engineer

Honolulu County, Hawaii

I'm generally interested in web development for social media or e-commerce, and in web or desktop development involving machine learning, data analytics, data science, or algorithms.

I'm a full-stack web developer mainly on Ruby on Rails 3 and 4, and mainly on the Ubuntu OS. I use tools like Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker, Git and Github, Heroku, rvm, Rspec, jQuery, Ajax, the Zurb Foundation CSS framework, and the RubyMine IDE. I'm very familiar with the Rails literature, best practices, and online resources. My front-end experience includes Angular.js, D3.js, Promises, and the Jasmine test framework. I'm also familiar with JavaScript cutting-edge libraries, trends, frameworks, and paradigms, including EcmaScript6, Redux, Flux, Browserify, Bower, Grunt, etc. I have a detailed knowledge of the JavaScript and Ruby languages and low-level features, including Ruby's meta-classes and meta-programming, and JavaScript's prototype-based object model, closures, and inheritance and module simulation approaches.

I've also worked on many machine learning and data science projects, both web-based and desktop. My project experience includes implementing the core business logic for a product that analyzes and interprets Google analytics data for performance evaluations, implementing core modules for a project on computational sociology using combinatorial optimization models from game theory, and in assorted projects involving the graphical visualization of grid energy time series data, natural language processing, spatial navigation path planning, hierarchical task design and execution, and in several other algorithms and machine-learning related areas. My academic background includes machine learning, artificial intelligence, inferential statistics, probability, linear algebra, algorithms theory, and linear programming.


  • software engineer (Contract Work)
  • software engineer (Ruby on Rails Web Developer)
  • software engineer (Parwinr)
  • research assistant (National Disaster Preparedness Training Center)
  • teaching assistant (University of Hawaii at Manoa)


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