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Mariya Boyko

Mariya Boyko

Product Manager at Banty - bringing the world together through better communication

Greater Toronto Area, Canada

My goal is to help inspire curiosity and love of learning through reading, math and creative storytelling.
I have over 10 years of experience in educational consulting and academic counseling for high school students and their families, a B.Ed, H.B.Sc and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Toronto.
My communication and presentation skills that I developed while teaching gifted students and working at education-related startups allowed me to organize numerous educational events for students and teachers. I also have experience in sales, social media coordination, and content management.
I am attentive to details and I enjoy keeping track of current research in education, changes in post-secondary institutions’ admission requirements and other education-related policies and regulations.

I am passionate about product management, helping my team prioritize initiatives and creating strategic plans for digital product development.


  • Graduate Teaching Assistant (University of Toronto)
  • Product Manager (Prodigy Game)
  • Career Mentor for Recent Graduates (University of Toronto)
  • Certified Career Coach (-)
  • Senior Career Mentor Coach (University of Toronto)
  • Research Assistant, Ph.D. in Mathematics Education (University of Toronto)
  • Product Specialist, Instructional Designer (Top Hat)
  • Product Manager (Banty)
  • Math Circles Enrichment Program Instructor (University of Toronto)


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