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Matthew Grady

Matthew Grady

Writer and Editor telling the stories that help organizations grow

Greater Philadelphia

I'm a versatile and detail-oriented writer and editor who collaborates with clients on high-stakes and high-profile projects, imagining and building proposals, bids, copy, technical manuals, training documents, and audiovisual presentations that are a clear expression of your unique brand.

I bring the experience of thousands of hours of writing, editing, managing, and co-creating, targeting audiences in government, professional organizations, and the private sector with precise style, superior technique, and a nuanced understanding of the needs and goals of each client.

My background also includes experience with writing for creative projects across the spectrum of media, including scripts, plays, essays, poems, short fiction, and news articles, as well as work in various roles in film production, music videos, and animation. The sum of this experience gives me many tools to turn ideas into winning stories in a multitude of styles and formats.


  • Proposal Writer (Freelance)
  • Proposal Development Manager (PSI Services LLC)
  • Marketing Administrator (PSI Services LLC)
  • Storyboard Artist (Freelance)
  • Marketing Associate (PSI Services LLC)


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