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Michael Alpert

Michael Alpert


New York, New York

I have Art directed, hand painted murals for major corporations like Sony theater, Planet Hollywood, designed decorative finishes for people who live in such richness that it seems their lives are that of a Degas watercolor, sold my fine art work to people who live dreams woven with such textiles of beauty that the repeat of most of our common wallpaper lives seems so dull, but I'm the one creating these experiences for them.

To know where you are going and what challenges are in front of you is not ever possible, but to learn from your past and bring it with you into your present and future is the only way to guarantee that what ever comes before you, you will be able to handle. The older we get the more you can bring your knowledge and experience with you, I have not learned a great deal from my failures until now, as the biggest failures should render the bigger lessons. I've played it safe, but I get the lesson that I was supposed to get, which is, this is not a rehearsal, this is the big game, show time, and its time to live.


  • Developed Business and was Creative Director (Mar Silver Design)
  • Owner (
  • Owner, Artist (Re-creations murals and decorative finishes)


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