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Michal Ziso

Michal Ziso

Architect, Founder @ZISO. Entrepreneur. Futurist. Equality Activist. naMBA. TEDx Speaker(x2). Space Architect.

Tel Aviv

I am the Architect and Founder of ZISO - an international Innovation and Architecture Lab that inhabits the intersection of Architecture, Innovation, Space and Human Equality; A visionary architect with over a decade of international experience, specializing in skyscrapers, urban projects and close loop systems in extreme environments. A Space Architect researching and designing the future of the built environment for humans in space focusing on Human health, wellbeing and performance. An Equality Activist collaborating with UN SDG Action and UNOOSA; 2x TEDx Speaker (TEDxISU + TEDxJaffaWomen); Public Speaker at organizations (NASA, Explore Mars, Israeli Space Agency and more), academia (Parsons School of Design, International Space University, Technion and more) and create tech companies (Wix, Jolt, Kenshoo and more); A futurist, space advocate and space and innovation educator and consultant


  • Architect - Senior Project Manager + Designer (ME Architect PC)
  • Founding Member (WiSpace - Israeli Women in Space Association )
  • Global Space Architect & Creative Director (Space Hero - Media. For the Space Age)
  • Lecturer (
  • Founder, CEO (ZISO)


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