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Mushfeq K.

Mushfeq K.

Software Engineer

Cincinnati, Ohio

I'm interested in designing and writing software that is easy to use and to maintain, and to do this in a collaborative way. Lately I've been enjoying the privilege of learning how Google does this, reliably and at immense scale.

I've written code professionally in Scala, Python, Javascript, Java, and Ruby. I have significant experience being on teams that adhere to XP practices such as test-driven development, pair programming, short iterations, continuous integration, and unbroken communication with users. These practices still inform how I work.

In a past life, I was a mathematician, and my research was in an area of mathematical logic called recursion theory.


  • Software Engineer, Site Reliability, Cloud AI (Google)
  • Software Engineer (The Orchard)
  • Software Engineering Consultant (Magellan AI)
  • Software Engineer (Hopper)
  • Backend Engineer (Datalogue)


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