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Oleg S.

Oleg S.

Senior DevOps Engineer at CHECK24 Vergleichsportal GmbH

Greater Munich Metropolitan Area

DevOps and everything around Kubernetes, Clouds, CI/CD, automation with a very strong system and network background - that's what I can tell about my specialization now.

So I'm designing and implementing Kubernetes clusters and launching the cloud from scratch, from the network infrastructure up to final CI pipelines. I'm a big fan of automation, everything has to work by itself, be configured with Ansible, or deployed by CI pipelines.
* Kubernetes as a pure solution, Rancher, Amazon EKS.
* CI/CD: Jenkins, BitBucket, Gitlab, TravisCI, TeamCity.
* Databases: ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
* Automation: Ansible, SaltStack, Vagrant.
* Logging: Graylog, FluentD, DataDog.
* Monitoring: Zabbix, Grafana, Prometheus.
* Clustering
* Migrating services to Kubernetes. Dynamically scaled deployments, etc.
* Bash, Python, Go.

Also, I have been working as a System and Network Administrator with FreeBSD, Linux, Cisco, Networks, Security, VPN, VoIP, and virtualization since 2000. I have strong experience and knowledge with these technologies:
* Amazon AWS (EC2, ECS, EKS, S3, RDS, R53, CloudWatch, etc)
* Linux: Debian/Ubuntu.
* FreeBSD: Jails, Bhyve, Poudriere, IPFW/PF.
* ZFS: snapshots, local and remote backups, tuning.
* Network: Routing, Switching, VPN, VLANs, DNS, DHCP, Spanning Tree, IPv6.
* VoIP: Asterisk (H323, SIP), Cisco.
* Network hardware: HP ProCurve, 3COM, Cisco (15 years of exp: ACL, OSPF‚ EIGRP‚ BGP, DMVPN‚ CiscoVPN, QoS, HSRP, VTP, VoIP, IPSEC, SLA)
* VPN's: OpenVPN, Tinc, CiscoVPN.
* Apache, Nginx, HAProxy.
* E-Mail: Postfix, Dovecot, Spamassassin, Cyrus-SASL, Amavis, DBMail, DKIM, SPF.

* VMWare ESXi, Hyper-V, ProxMox, KVM, Bhyve, VirtualBox.
* GlusterFS, CEPH, OCFS2, NFS.
* OpenLDAP clusters.
* Radius.
* Lotus Domino.
* Programming and Unix-scripting: Bash+sed+awk, Perl, PHP, C, Go, Python.


  • Senior DevOps Engineer (CHECK24 Vergleichsportal GmbH)
  • DevOps Engineer & System Administrator (ScribeSense)
  • DevOps Engineer (CHECK24 Vergleichsportal GmbH)
  • System and Network Administrator (PJSC "Quadra - Power Generation")
  • System Administrator / Network Engineer (Russian Post)
  • DevOps Engineer & System Administrator (TulaCo)


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