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Oleg Zhooravlev

Oleg Zhooravlev

Senior Database Architect ,DBA expert at Red Bend Software (Harman)


Multiple years of experience in developing Systems and Software Architecture for computer systems, specialized for real time and embedded applications, and in development/delivery of commercial products and customized systems for automation of Data Base intensive business processes in telecommunications and other industrial sectors (e.g. CRM, Billing, Data Warehouse, etc.)
Vast knowledge of software system development with ORACLE/Sql Server/ MySql/PostgreSQL, Cassandra ,Click House, Elastic Search databases for Client - Server and multi tier Applications. Extensive and industry recognized expertise in optimization, performance tuning, and administration of complex / large scale Database Systems.
My management, technical mentoring, and teaching experience could be leveraged by a prospective employer in the development of high caliber technical staff – I have an extensive record of patents and publications in various areas of software and hardware technology and algorithms (more than 60 titles in total)

Specialties: I have architected, system engineered,capacity planning , installed and tuned for highest performance very large and complex Oracle/PostgreSQL/SQL Server and Big Data Data Bases and IT infrastructures ( include cloud Technology) for Business Systems (ERP, CRM, Billing Systems, OTA application, etc) – with up to 30 TB of data to support up to 4+ M customers, and with IT infrastructures configured in a 3-tier configuration with, for example, 40 computer servers, 60+ databases, modern storage capability - all designed for high performance/high availability, and for robust disaster recovery.


  • Vice President (FTS)
  • DBA (Actimize)
  • Managing director,CTO (Helios-Tec)
  • Chief Database Architect (MindU)
  • Senior Database Architect ,DBA expert (HARMAN International)


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