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Orna Bregman-Amitai

Orna Bregman-Amitai

Algorithm Team Leader at 6over6 Vision Ltd


Excellent in medical imaging - from clinical problem analysis, thru algorithm development and validation, toward FDA and commercialized.
Expert in leading and developing algorithms in deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, image processing, and signal processing:
Knows how to isolate the core of the algorithmic problem and to define the optimal methodology toward solution under constrains.
Experienced in leading algorithmic team and excels in dividing the work between the team members, in an optimal way, according to expertise and the need for parallel development.
Hand-on: takes part in the algorithm development and code writing.
Inventor of many patents, algorithmic as well as applicable


  • Algorithm Team Leader / Projects Leader (Samsung Telecom Research Israel [STRI])
  • Algorithm Team Leader (Luna Solutions)
  • Algorithm Team Leader (6over6 Vision Tech)
  • Algorithm Team Leader / Projects Leader - Medical Imaging Project (Samsung Electronics)
  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision Senior Researcher (Zebra Medical Vision Ltd)
  • Senior Algorithm Engineer (Inuitive)


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