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Ronald Minkyu Kim 金珉珪 - Your Bridge Connector

Ronald Minkyu Kim 金珉珪 - Your Bridge Connector

Interculturalist | Global mindset, Intercultural Communication&Teamwork


Your cultural connector

Life mission
- to support you to expand your cultural competence and to build cultural bridges we can connect cultural dots around you together

My new beginning

Since I was a child, I’ve always been curious about what living in other countries is like. As a 19-year old boy who had never lived overseas before, that was an option I can only dream of.
One day, I accidentally had an opportunity to go to university in the US and took great courage to step out of my comfort zone. From the moment I started my studies in the US, my never-ending cultural exploration has finally begun.

Cultural transformation

Through my cultural exploration over the past 10+ years, I have lived 4 other places on the globe: Minnesota (U.S. Upper Midwest), Nevada (US West), Taipei, and Shanghai. It was indeed an invaluable moment for me to enrich my cultural experience and expand my connecting dots across the globe. However, I realized there are many people who struggle to adapt or understand cultural difference. In fact, my cultural exploration is not a journey without any struggling moment, like many other people.

Strengthening cultural competency

I started my new life journey to help others to enrich the cultural experience and eventually to broaden cultural competence for life transformation. I use some of my qualifications, and that includes an intercultural trainer certificate (by the Interchange Institute), and Neuro-Linguistic Program (Practitioner). 

Specifically, I am here to help you
- How to build and manage successful intercultural teams
- How to increase your cultural adaptability, including but not limited to
* When you are moving to a new country
* When you repatriate to your home country after spending a long time abroad



  • Vice President of Education of 5A+Professional Speakers Shanghai (Toastmasters International)
  • 2017 November National Conference English Speech Contest Chair (Toastmasters International)
  • 2016 November National Conference Public Relations Committee (Toastmasters International)
  • Sales Support (Samhee SMT)
  • Vice President of Public Relations of South River Toastmasters Club (Toastmasters International)
  • Vice President of Education of Pacific Sunset Toastmasters Club (Toastmasters International)


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