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Sebastian Vasan L.I.O.N.

Sebastian Vasan L.I.O.N.

International Projects & Business Development

London, England

Sebastian has been involved and worked with the Financial Markets, Technology and Talent Acquisition industry for a number of years. His passion is to help build or re-juvinate business'. Over the years Sebastian has worked with and identified individuals 'with a unique set of business skills' that can be implemented and applied to business units of Multinationals or to SME's. Companies that feel they have even more potential and are 'genuine and seriously' passionate about growth. Working with CEO's, Board Level Executives or Directors who are ready and would be driven to make subtle or in some cases drastic changes to their business' with a view to improve their ROI, expand or grow their business financially or by territory. Individuals that work directly with the Executive Board or Shareholders/Owners, Directors of the Business to Assess, Review and then suggest and/or structure plans of action (growth or remedial). These 'action plans or missions' are upto the stake holders to authorize and implemented if they have resolve and determination to act-(ion).
These individuals work in confidence, completely impartial and may at times say the things people do not like to hear (underlying tone will be business improvement) looking for areas that can be improved across the business, look at segments of a business, suggest and/or impliment change in this area...return if, or as and when required to improve on other areas. A truly holistic approach working from a Business, Team to Individual perspectives and vice-versa. A complete 360 approach and holistic view to Sales, Business Development, Social Media development, implementation and increasing opportunity through to Human Capital structuring and Capital/ Venture Capital investment or potential business exit strategies or diversification. If these are elements that could help your business, if you are serious and ready to implement change and have the courage take action now (or in some cases before it's too late)...then, ONLY then feel free to contact me. These individuals are contacts that I have known through the years and they do have a passion to do what they do. Think of them more like Business Psychologists...


  • Global Leadership & Legal Partner Project Manager (Global Summits & Business Inteligence)
  • Business Development Partner (Consultancy - Financial Markets, Business Process & Technology Development)


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