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Septi Ng

Septi Ng

Supervisor of Bussiness Development & Marketing at PT MC Living Essentials Indonesia

Jakarta, Jakarta

The human brain is a crazy place, and there are two things that fascinate me most about the product and growth marketing. First: the concept of consumer logic and how rational yet irrational it can be. Second: the challenge of communicating in a way that persuaded and convinces consumers always requires optimization, so you are optimizing for something that is both rational & irrational.

I apply the same thinking in product marketing that I also apply in leadership, because whether you are connecting with consumers or with your team, you are connecting with the fun irrationality of their logic to bring ideas together, influence an outcome, and optimize and scale for future growth.

In the beginning of my professional carrier, I join a local company, PT Indocare Citrapasific, as a Sales & Marketing (B2B business) and successfully developed more than 50 new products for skin care & health care to our accounts. After understanding the B2B market, I am joining MC Living Essentials Indonesia, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporations that focused on fast moving consumer goods. In the first 5 years, I handled quite variety project from apparel, RTD tea, biscuit, baby diaper & convenience store.

For almost 2 years, I am being secondment to Japanese bread package company, PT Yamazaki Indonesia, and trusted as Marketing Supervisor, speciality on new product development. Facing the biggest challenge, COVID 19 and new normal, which has a big impact to every industry, including the food industry. Where we are challenged not only to present healthy food, but also the required product during this time. Other than that, we are also need communicate the benefits of the product to society with all current limitation.


  • Supervisor of Bussiness Development & Marketing (PT MC Living Essentials Indonesia)
  • Brand Management in Marketing Division (PT MC Living Essentials Indonesia)
  • Institutional Marketing Officer (PT Indocare Citrapasific)
  • Marketing Supervisor (PT Yamazaki Indonesia)


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