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Shawn K.

Shawn K.

Engineer, Rustacean, React Native & Typescript

Frisco, Texas

Please do not message me about contract or relocation opportunities.
I look for high-trust environments where leadership is aligned.

I'm really good at JavaScript and enjoy React & React Native development with TypeScript.
Currently learning Rust and playing with embedded/AIoT platforms (ARM/AARCH/RISC).

I like memory safety and zero-cost abstractions.

I enjoy making things happen, my favorites are:
App Development: React Native, FlowType, VSCode Extensions
DevOps: Docker & Rancher, AppCenter, Azure Pipelines, AWS CodePipeline
IoT: BLE GATT / nRF / ESP,, Keil, WebSockets


  • Sr. Lead Engineer (UI) for Verizon (Creospan Inc.)
  • Architect / Tech Lead, Consultant, Contractor (Contracting)
  • Lead Mobile App Developer (DLL)
  • Software Engineer (Microsoft)
  • Development Lead (User Applications) (LBRY)


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