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Thomas H.

Thomas H.

Beekeeper at Pollinations.AI

Berlin, Berlin

After studying Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh University, I spent 9 years in São Paulo creating an art collective, while always keeping one foot in the technology sector. I conceived and implemented a variety of interactive installations, combining my passion for art, research, and technology.

After settling back in Germany, I completed a project which involved researching the future trends of Artificial Intelligence for the World Government summit. Since then I spent a few years researching and working with data-driven generative audio modeling.

At the moment, I am building the platform Pollinations.AI that has the aim of making generative machine learning more accessible.


  • Talk about Artificial Intelligence and Art at the Frontiere IA Conference (MUTEK)
  • Machine Learning Specialist (Pixtunes GmbH)
  • Artist and Organizer (Voodoohop)
  • Foresight Researcher (Envisioning)
  • Beekeeper (Pollinations)
  • Foresight Researcher (Envisioning)


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