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Vincent Bachmann

Vincent Bachmann

Senior Graphics Specialist

Seattle, Washington

For the last 15 years, I have helped businesses visualize their ideas through purposeful design. My process revolves around clearly communicating the intention of the deliverable and how its perception will resonate with its audience. A large portion of my career has revolved around environmental consulting, where I have led and mentored multiple graphics departments. I have also worked as a lead architectural designer, started an independent technical graphics and design firm (Line by Line Creative, LLC), taught college courses in engineering graphics and architectural design, and currently work as a graphics specialist for Farallon Consulting. I believe that quality design requires strategy and teamwork at every step of the project, and can be the deciding factor in the success of a project.


  • Graphics Director (SoundEarth Inc.)
  • Architectural Designer (Dynamik Space (DYNAMIK))
  • Senior Graphics Specialist (Farallon Consulting)
  • Senior Graphics Specialist (TRC Companies, Inc.)
  • Owner / Creative Director (Line by Line Creative, LLC)


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